Nadine Figaro

Finance Director

Nadine Figaro joined IJC in July 2023 as Finance Director. She is a data-driven financial strategist with over 10 years of fund-accounting experience.  Nadine is dedicated to ensuring programmatic accountability and resource allocation equity by developing robust data-mining infrastructures and implementing budget methodologies that ensure expenditures directly contribute to the progressive realization of programmatic goals.

Nadine previously worked as an Associate Director of Budget and Operations for the New York City Department of Education in which she supported central and district school leaders manage current and future personnel and other than personnel service needs. Nadine’s municipal finance experience includes areas such as financial planning and analysis, outcome-based budgeting, multiyear financial projections, federal and private grant management, enterprise procurement and leading supplier diversification initiatives, revenue sustainability modeling, financial systems risk assessments and converting audit findings into operational deliverables.

Nadine earned a B.A. in Economics from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida.

Nadine is a first-generation American whose parents migrated to the United States from Haiti. She is conversational in both Haitian-Creole and French.