At 14 years-old Rocío began her work with immigration law as an intern for Kerosky, Purves & Bogue in her hometown of Santa Rosa. She continued her work in the world of academia as an undergrad when she was a leader in Hoyas for Immigrant Rights at Georgetown. She took her passions abroad by conducting research in Bogotá, Colombia on the effects of English as a foreign language and then researching the rhetoric around the influx of Haitian immigrants in Santiago de Chile while studying abroad there. Rocío then studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark where she served children of immigrant backgrounds as a Teacher Assistant. Immigration, and the matters that intersect like equitable access to education, are personal to Rocío. Her personal and academic experiences are what bring her to IJC to serve communities while continuing to develop her skills. She will be placed at Project Hospitality where she will serve immigrants to ease their legal processes, as well as connecting them to other resources they may need.