Creating The next generation of immigration lawyers & Advocates

Immigrant Justice Corps (IJC) is the country’s first fellowship program dedicated to meeting the need for high-quality legal assistance for immigrants seeking citizenship and fighting deportation.


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The need for free and competent counsel has never been more critical.

Millions of immigrants are at risk of arrest, detention and deportation - a risk that is greatly magnified when immigrants do not have adequate representation.

Skilled legal assistance is the most direct intervention available to lift immigrant families out of poverty. With legal status, immigrants can obtain lawful employment and have access to economic opportunity.



Cases pending in immigration courts nationwide and rising


An immigrant with representation is 6x more likely to have a successful outcome


Immigrants in deportation proceedings without counsel


IJC confronts these daily injustices by gathering the nation’s most talented advocates and sending them into the field to plug the gaps in representation.


60,000 individuals helped

Since 2014, IJC has assisted over 60,000 immigrants and their family members, with a 93% success ratE.

74 FELLOWS in the field

54 Justice Fellows and 20 Community Fellows across 42 host organizations in 9 states.