Quality counsel changes everything.

For immigrants facing the threat of deportation or pursuing lawful status and citizenship, nothing makes a greater difference than skilled legal representation. Founded from direct experience with the systemic failings of our broken and outdated immigration system, Immigrant Justice Corps mobilizes quality counsel to meet the needs of immigrants nationwide.


Defining our future.
Defending what’s right.


The need for free and competent counsel has never been more critical. Millions of immigrants are at risk of arrest, detention and deportation – and that risk is greatly magnified when immigrants to not have adequate representation. 

Skilled legal assistance is the most direct intervention available to lift immigrant families out of poverty. Unlike other proceedings, immigration courts do not ensure a right to government-appointed counsel, and most immigrants face a complex and inhumane system without a lawyer by their side. 

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The number of cases pending in immigration courts nationwide.

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An immigrant with representation is six times more likely to have a successful outcome.

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Immigrants in deportation proceedings without counsel.

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Detained immigrants who represent themselves have a 3 percent chance of success.


Our Impact

As we work to help thousands of individuals in need each year, IJC is developing the next generation of immigration lawyers and advocates and the shared knowledge of our growing coalition.

Together, we represent access to justice, hope for the future and the courage to stand up for what’s right.


60,000 SERVED

Since 2014, IJC has assisted over 60,000 immigrants and their family members, with a 93% success rate.

82 FELLOWS in the field

59 Justice Fellows and 23 Community Fellows across 42 host organizations in 11 states.