Our fellowships empower new immigration advocates with the skills and supports necessary to address the urgent need for direct legal services.

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How it works

At IJC we...

Recruit promising, committed new lawyers and advocates from around the country for our two-year fellowship.

Mobilize our Fellows to placements with vital organizations where they will directly help immigrants in need of legal services.

Train & support our Fellows to provide high-quality counsel throughout our network.

As an IJC Fellow you will:


Work directly with the community you’re best positioned to serve. All Fellows possess a demonstrated commitment to immigrant legal services and find placement through a process that is attuned to their interests, experiences and the urgencies of our host communities.

Join a host organization at the front lines of immigration law and advocacy. IJC Fellows are integrated into an active practice at one of our 42+ host organizations around the country, working in a wide range of communities and areas of the law.

Become an immigration expert and connect with leaders in the field. IJC provides intensive upfront training and ongoing support and career development. All Fellows join an active network of alumni and host organizations sharing new practices and insights. 


Give us two years of hard work, and IJC will make sure you’re immersed in immigration law and empowered to make a difference for underrepresented communities.

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The matching process

Unlike other Fellowships, IJC recruits both Fellows and host organizations. IJC matches selected Fellows with our partnering host organizations based on the applicant’s experience and interest, gaps in services within the community, location preferences, and partnering host organizations’ needs.


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