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In memory of Amy Meselson

There is no death… People die only when we forget them.” – Isabel Allende

A year ago, we learned of our dear colleague Amy Meselson’s passing. The news hit like a thunderbolt. She was young, brilliant, brimming with ideas, passions, tenderness. It still feels impossible that someone who gave so much to us, her co-workers, her clients, our movement, could be taken from the earth with such abrupt finality.

Amy only spent a short time at IJC, but some of us knew her well. Her approach to advocacy was noteworthy for its finely-honed attention to detail, intellectual rigor, and utmost sensitivity to the humanity of the clients represented. Amy possessed a rare combination of intellectual dynamism and heightened emotional intelligence. She was unfailingly generous with her time, her compassion, and her kind smiles.

Today, we hold Amy Meselson in our memory as a fierce warrior for justice, a gentle soul, and a close friend. Tomorrow, we convert that memory into action and carry her legacy onward with each client whose life we touch.  

Amy, we miss you and will never forget you.