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Standing in Solidarity with the Asian and Asian American Community

IJC is gravely concerned and saddened by the recent surge in anti-Asian violence and hate-fueled attacks against Asian communities across the country. The recent physical assaults on elderly Asians in San Francisco and New York City, one of which resulted in the death of an 84-year-old man, are deeply disturbing. Equally upsetting are the incidents of, marginalization, and the decision by some not to patronize Asian-owned businesses. 

Although these stories have received limited news coverage, they deserve amplification because they point to a dark undercurrent of anti-Asian bias and xenophobia that began last year at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and has only increased.  

As the U.S. deals with a record number of deaths due to the pandemic, an ongoing racial justice reckoning, and turbulent economic uncertainty, resulting in fear and frustration, we must not allow acts of intolerance and hate to go unchecked. There is no place for violent acts against any group in our society. 

We condemn those stoking racist hatred of any sort, as well as those who stand idly by in witness. We demand justice for the victims of these violent attacks. We urge all communities and organizations to speak out against discrimination, racism, xenophobia and to support our Asian brothers and sisters in their time of need. We encourage support for organizations combating this violent and hateful scourge, such as Stop AAPI Hate, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, and Hate is a Virus.