IJC News

Thank you to the Class of 2018!

This month we say goodbye to our graduating Class of 2018 Fellows as well as our third and fourth-year Fellows, a group of outstanding advocates and lawyers. These incredible leaders have left an indelible mark on countless lives in immigrant communities from New York to Texas during their 2+ years as IJC Fellows. We are deeply grateful to have been a part of their journey.

For nearly four years, the federal government has unleashed a litany of xenophobic and racist immigration policies and proposals that have severely impacted immigrant communities. To begin a professional career in immigration legal services during such an uncertain time is overwhelming, and has made the work of defending immigrants’ rights much more challenging, and important. Undaunted and with remarkable resolve and strength, this graduating class has found innovative ways to defend and protect immigrants and their families, and they have held those in power accountable during these dark moments in our country’s history. 

As they take their next steps into staff attorney positions, community organizing, law school and beyond, I am honored that they chose Immigrant Justice Corps to start their careers. As IJC’s fifth graduating class, they will forever be part of the IJC family as alumni, joining our 178-strong network of graduates across the country. On behalf of the Board and staff, we couldn’t be more proud of this class or more excited for their journeys that lie ahead.


Jojo Annobil, Executive Director