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A Tribute to Robert M. Morgenthau

Immigrant Justice Corps (IJC) mourns the passing of Mr. Robert Morgenthau, a pivotal IJC Board member, a pillar in the world of legal justice, and an influential loadstar in our fight for immigrants’ rights.

Mr. Morgenthau joined our board of directors five years ago as a founding director, but his influence on IJC began far earlier. He served as a member of the advisory board that helped develop the concept of IJC in 2014 and in many ways, he was an inspiration to our founders.

Equally inspiring was Mr. Morgenthau’s extraordinary dedication to a life of public service and his passion for fairness. Even after his career in the public eye ended, he continued to use his formidable influence to bring attention to the many indignities and inequalities that IJC was created to rebuke.

We at IJC were fed by his passion and mourn his passing.  His legacy will live on through the work of Immigrant Justice Corps.