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Citizenship for ALL!

At every turn, immigrant communities are used as the scapegoat by the Trump administration to deflect from its own failings. Enough. We need to increase ways for undocumented immigrants to reach legal status, not take them away.

Every day, IJC Fellows fight for our clients and our communities. We need you in this fight too.

Undocumented community members across the country live in fear of racist policing and deportation practices, despite being de facto citizens. The denial of clear pathways to citizenship, overwhelmingly targeted at Black and brown immigrants, is white supremacy in action. We must stand united in shaping a future that dismantles structural oppression, prioritizes people over profits, and abolishes carceral threats to our neighbors. 

#CitizenshipForAll is a significant step towards that future. A clear pathway to citizenship will allow millions of our friends, family, and community members to live and thrive without fear of deportation. Join us in taking action today!