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Trump's latest attack on DACA is unacceptable and illegal

Today, the Trump administration issued a memo announcing plans to radically change the 2012 DACA policy. For weeks the administration has been in open defiance of the Supreme Court by refusing to accept new DACA applications. It has now made its intentions crystal clear. 

Here’s what we know about the DACA memo, released by the Department of Homeland Security:

• All new DACA applications will be rejected.

• All DACA renewals will be adjudicated on a “case by case” basis, but if granted will only provide for one-year instead of two-year renewals.

• Almost all advanced parole requests, which allow DACA recipients to travel outside the U.S., will be denied, unless “exceptional circumstances” exist.

This action is unacceptable and illegal. The Trump administration’s failure to accept new applications has kept at least 300,000 people locked out of DACA. With the presidential election less than 100 days away, this memo plays politics with the lives of Dreamers. As ever with this administration, the cruelty is the point

We expect this memo to be swiftly challenged in court and we stand willing and able to fight this new attack anyway we can. IJC’s commitment to our DACAmented Fellows remains steadfast in the face of this brazen disregard for the rule of law.