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Biden’s border shutdown is a betrayal of American values

On June 4, the Biden administration announced an executive order that would close the southern border and restrict access to asylum, preventing asylum seekers from finding safety and protection in the United States.

“This is cruel and inhumane,” said Jojo Annobil, CEO of Immigrant Justice Corps. “The United States has a long history of offering a safe haven to refugees fleeing violence and persecution. Our Fellows have been advancing this justice on the ground and witnessing the brutal results of human rights abuses abroad for years. This action is an abhorrent betrayal of American values. Whether due process is preserved, and justice served, should not be based on inflows at the border. We need long-term, humane policy solutions, not politics as usual.”

IJC calls on the Biden administration to restore access to asylum at our nation’s border and to uphold America’s values of fairness and human dignity.